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Which Social Media To Use

Many small businesses stress over which social media platforms they should use. It’s important to know which platforms will work the best for your business. Some say it is important to be on every platform possible, but that is simply not true. To figure out which social media platforms work best for you, you need to analyze your target market. What platform does the majority of your target audience use? Marketing your brand on social media platforms that is not popular with your target audience is a waste of time and money on your end, so make sure you are allocating to those that benefit you! Another thing to consider is how much you can work with. Stretching yourself thin trying to manage too many social media pages can do the opposite of what you intended. It causes you to miss the results from the social media marketing on those platforms and hurt your ability to build customer relationships. Having your business on more than one social media platform can benefit you, as long as it is relevant to your target audience and not overflowing your ability to manage them.

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