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Updates For Instagram

Instagram has announced multiple big changes coming this year. Here is a little breakdown of what you need to know:

New Home feed layouts. Instagram’s main priority is the user’s experience on the app, so they have announced the ability to be able to customize how a user sees their feed. There are a few different options: Home, Favorites, and Following. The home option is organized with an algorithm and shows users suggestions of posts and accounts they might be interested in, which will be perfect for businesses trying to catch users’ attention.

Increased focus on video content. The platform is trying to step away from the picture-focused platform and is organizing all the video features into one place. This will make it easier for businesses who incorporate videos into their marketing strategies and might open up the opportunity for those who don’t to start adding videos into theirs.

Monetization via subscribers. Instagram is testing out this new feature where users can subscribe to an account for access to subscriber-only videos and stories. Businesses can utilize this feature to encourage users to subscribe by having subscriber-only specials!

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