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Meet The Unicorns - Tessa

We've hinted a few times that our staff are unicorns in our eyes. They work hard, are dedicated, continue to shine and grow in skill. We view our staff as unicorns because they are a rare breed in work ethic, attitude, and heart. Harper Grayson Communications would not be where we are today without our unicorns!

How about we get to know a little bit more about one of our OG unicorns, Tessa.

She started working for HGC a year and a half ago as an intern managing a couple of clients. Since then, she has moved up as our Director of Social Media. Tessa is in charge of making sure our social media department is running smoothly between managing her team and client communication.

When we asked Tessa what industry is her ideal client to create for and why, this is what she had to say. While I can write for just about any audience, I create the best for the fun, light-hearted clients. I get to be silly and throw what is expected out the door.

We can't wait for you to learn more about our other unicorns in the coming weeks!

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