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Meet the Unicorns - Rachel

I'm sure when you think of Harper Grayson Communications, you think of Rachel. She started this business almost 4 years ago because she saw the need for honest and transparent marketing agencies. She also wanted the freedom of her own business to be the mother she wanted to be. She is our fearless leader (and main unicorn), head of design, and all around the best mom, wife, friend, and boss anyone close to her could ask for.

We asked her a series of questions so you could get to know her better, here they are:

- What are 3 apps you use every day? Gmail, Facebook, IG

- What is 1 fun fact about yourself? When I get creatively stuck, I dance it out.

- What is the best advice you've ever received? Understanding that "this too shall pass" covers almost every situation and there is something beautiful about it and always carry a pocket knife and flashlight.

- What do you love most about what you do? The impact of what this company does for my family, team and clients.

- What industry is your ideal client to create for and why? Complex industries that solve problems like Science or Public Policy. I enjoy challenging concepts and making them easy to understand and relatable.

If you've had the pleasure of meeting Rachel, we'd love to hear your favorite memory of her in the comments!

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