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Let's Talk Photos

When you need a generic photo to use for your social media, website, or other promotional items, you need to protect you and your business by making sure the photos you're using are not copyrighted. Finding free stock images for commercial use can be a pain. You could run a quick search for free stock photos, or royalty-free photos but that will bring you to tons of deceptive websites that require payment to download any of their images.

We have a few sites we love to use:

- www.pixabay.com

- www.freepik.com

- www.unsplash.com

If you use a photo from a site you aren't sure of, you run the risk of putting yourself or your business at liability of being sued. Be sure to do your own research because terms are constantly changing. We stay on top of these terms and can help keep you out of trouble. When you are ready, let's chat!

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