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Instagram Vs. Facebook

Instagram and Facebook are two huge social media platforms, for users and for businesses. But, which one is better to use for your business? That all depends on what your business needs.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and has the Facebook Business Suite tool for businesses that helps organize and manage everything going on on the platform and your business’s marketing performance. Instagram may not be the biggest social media platform, but it has the highest engagement rate. With the story feature on Instagram, the platform has reached a higher number of users who use this feature than Snapchat, another similar social media platform. The ability to share these Instagram stories also allows for a greater chance of brand awareness and engagement on the platform.

If you are stuck between the two, that’s ok! Facebook and Instagram are both owned by Meta, and there is an option to post on both platforms through Facebook!

Not sure which one could be right for you and your business? Get in touch with us to see what your options could be!

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