• Rachel McElroy

Getting "Lucky" with your marketing is something that really doesn't happen.

It takes time to research your audience and know how to answer their needs with your service.

Lately, we have been talking to companies and talking about what their tag line is and how does that resonate with your audience. Using phrases like "Boss Babe" can be more polarizing than what the business had expected or using the word Traditional when speaking to a younger demographic.

We actually speak to your target audience. We find those picture-perfect clients and talk to them. What do they want to hear? What is useful for them? What do they want to hear?

Maybe you are wonderful at creating your social media and we love hearing that! We want to support you.

Ensure that your tagline or social media messaging is right on target, Focus groups, social media poling, and interviewing your audience is something we are highly rated on.

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