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Facebook's "New Page Experience"

Facebook has become a huge social media platform that has been tailored to businesses and users alike. Yet again, the platform has made some pretty major changes to the site.

Business pages are starting to be converted into a “New Page Experience.” The new page experience is a way for businesses to build and connect with their audiences and manage their professional presences on Facebook in a new way. Facebook has been slowly transitioning business pages from the classic business pages to the new page experience already.

One of the factors of this new big change is page likes and followers. When a page gets moved over to the new page experience, the majority of those that get the new page experience are going to no longer have likes and followers, just followers. Those that liked the page and followed it will stay following the page during the transition, but those who only liked the page but did not follow it will be removed.

There are only SOME new pages that will also include page likes. It is really important if you want to stay connected to your followers that you emphasize they follow your page, not just like it.

If you haven't already, get prepared because Facebook is inevitably going to change everyone over to the new page experience.

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