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Do You Understand the Algorithm?

Do you remember the time when Facebook and Instagram would let you see your feed in chronological order?

They decided to take that feature away because majority of users would miss content. This is what caused the algorithm to be made.

The algorithm was created to determine what would be placed onto your feed, by looking at your past behavior, sweeping all the available posts or pieces of content, and then evaluating each one to predict how interesting it is to you. The most interesting content goes to the top.

What factors will determine a piece of content in your algorithm?

- Relationship, do you regularly interact with that account

- Interest, do you interact with this type of post (image, link, video, etc)

- Timing, how long ago was it posted

- Frequency, how often do you check the platform (Facebook, Instagram, etc)

- Following, how many people does the user follow

- Session Time - how long do you spend on the platform each day

We will be taking a deep dive into the algorithm to help you understand it more and to make it work for you instead of against you. We hope you follow along for this series!

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