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If you are new to marketing in social media, copywriting is a term used to describe the wording for the posts, a.k.a., the caption. Copywriting is more than just coming up with a clever caption that relates to the post itself; several aspects go into it.

1. Research and Engagement. For the marketing team to copywrite something relevant to the brand and post, research needs to be done about the company and the service/product/promotion that is being posted. The actual writing needs to engage the audience so that they either learn more about it or become interested in it.

2. Call to Action. A call to action should be added to posts to encourage the audience to take action from the post, whether to buy the product or service or to answer a relatable question in the comments. This increases engagement and causes the audience to think more about the company instead of scrolling through.

3. Storytelling. Creating a story behind the post puts an image in the audience’s head when they look at it. It creates a more relatable connection and puts your company in perspective to the audience’s life. This can sometimes be better than just explaining what your company has to offer.

Adding these aspects into the copywriting for your company’s social media posts elevates your social media content. It allows you to reach more of your target audience and create stronger connections with those you reach.

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