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Content calendars… What is it and why should I have one?


Content calendars serve as a guide for what your business plans to share and promote across all platforms. By taking a little time out of your day to plan out your content for the next month, you’ll save yourself the headache of trying to think of something on the spot.

Here are some benefits to maintaining a content calendar:

  • Organization - Keeps you on track and organized

  • Brainstorming - Allows you to have one brainstorming session and branch off of that

  • Consistency - Content calendars help you stay consistent and that is one of the most important things to an audience

  • Engagement - If you’re in a hurry to produce something last minute, it may not be well thought out which results in errors and less engagement

  • Relevancy - Allows you to look ahead and not miss any important dates

Keep in mind that a content calendar is there to be a guide and not a strict rule. While content can be organized and planned in advance, pop-ups, lives, and user generated content should be sprinkled in as it comes up. The purpose of social media is to be social.

Not really into the idea of doing the planning content yourself? Allow us to help take care of that for you! We can take care of the content calendar and more while you focus on the rest of your business.

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