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Business Admins

My social media strategy tip of the day is to make sure you have another Admin on your social media pages (especially your business page) because if you are ever locked out, hacked, or put in "jail" you will need someone to help you get back into your accounts! We see this ALL THE TIME.

Don't know how to do it? Here's our guide: https://www.allofthemarketing.com/resources-and-tips

If you are just starting your business make sure to follow us at Harper Grayson Communications for digital marketing tips and best practices. If you are growing and too busy to manage your social media pages, reach out to us. We have a lot of great options to help companies achieve their goals https://bit.ly/3tndcV8 If your organization is thinking about the next big step, our Fractional CMO program is for you! We will help you create your marketing strategies to help fuel your results. #socialmedia #facebooktip #businessowner #facebookmanager #facebook #tip #allofthemarketing

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