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Approve a Partner or Ownership Request in Business Manager

July 18, 2022

To give someone permission to access a Page in a Business Manager that owns the page, you can approve their partner request within the owning Business Manager. To transfer ownership of your Page in Business Manager to someone, you can approve their ownership request if you are the Business Manager admin. This scenario applies when you're trying to claim a Page that’s not owned by your Business Manager. If a Page is not owned by a Business Manager, you can accept the partner request on the Page by going to Settings and then Roles.

Before you begin

  • If you’re the Page admin, you can approve the request. These steps only apply to the person with Page admin permissions through Business Manager.

  • If you’re not the Page admin, send this article to the person with Page admin permissions in the owning Business Manager to get your request approved.

    • If you have made a partner or ownership request, you must know who has permission to accept the request. Due to privacy concerns, we cannot provide more information about who can accept your request.

Understanding Roles

  • Partner Business Manager Admin: The admin of the partner Business Manager can request access to an outside Page. That request needs to be approved by either:

    • Page Admin: Admin on a Facebook Page if there is not an owning Business Manager

    • Business Manager Admin: Admin of Business Manager that owns Page and other business assets

Approve Ownership or Partner Request from Pages

If you are a Page owner, you can approve ownership or partner requests for your Page. The steps below only apply if you are a Page owner. To approve ownership or partner requests from Pages:

  1. Open your Page.

  2. From the left menu, select Page Settings.

  3. Select Page Roles.

  4. You will find the request under Partner Request or Ownership Requests. Select Respond to Request.

  5. Select Give [Business Manager Name] access to my Page if it’s a Partner Request, or select Transfer Ownership of My Page if it’s an Ownership Request.

If you are a Business Manager Admin, you can also approve partner requests in this way:

  1. Log in to your Business Manager

  2. Go to Business Settings from your left sidebar. Then, click Requests.

  3. Click on the Received tab. You should see businesses that have requested access to your Page here. You should also see information about the user who has requested access and the business they belong to.

  4. Click Approve or Decline.


You have now either approved a partner request to give someone permission to access the Page or an ownership request to transfer ownership of the Page.


If you don't know which Business Manager owns the Page, you may need to dispute the ownership and apply for the Page to be detached.