About Rachel

I’ve been a professional Marketing Consultant since 2010. The creative challenges each new client brings is what drives us. I love learning about each client's passions and helping them build their own brand and strategies for success.

Where I can help you succeed:​

  • Marketing consultations

  • Branding & positioning analysis

  • Strategic planning

  • Digital media planning and management

  • Social Media management

  • Graphic design

  • Event planning and management

  • Training and coaching

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About Tessa

Digital marketing and social media are my love, only coming in second to food and my family. I am an Emerging Media Strategist helping small businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs create social media strategies that work and grow their online presence! 

Marketing has been my passion and a part of my life for over 6 years. Creativity and the ability to allow our clients more time to focus on the rest of their business is what drives me.